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Durice White ’09: Searching for the Perfect Job Part 3

In my previous post I talked about my video conference interview. Well, the video conference interview went perfectly! I interviewed with six people in the Atlanta based division of the job and quickly fell in love with the job, the staff, and the location. Atlanta is new, hot and somewhere I wanted to be. The staff is young, friendly and quite remarkable, and the job is with an amazing company with an extraordinary cause doing exactly what I wanted to do!

After my video conference I was left waiting to hear back from the company. I was to expecting a call within a week. Well, I was on week two and during this time I had many doors open for me. I heard back from one of my Boston contacts regarding a job and also had received another interview and job offer for a company I had applied to previously. Things were definitely heading up for me! I was faced with a decision to wait for my dream job or to take a job that I liked and was offered.
I decided to wait…sounds crazy right? After months of unemployment and complaining about not having a job I turn down a great job offer! Well, I did this because I knew that my heart and passion was with that first job. That was a job I would not only learn a lot from but be able to give a lot to as well. I called the office and left messages and emails anticipating my next encounter with them. I stayed positive and prayed for the best results. I also used this time to learn even more about the company. Well, in the next few days I received a call back and was able to set up another interview in New York with the headquarters for this company. I took the trip with my boyfriend and mom to the Big Apple and had the interview. I wasn’t as confident with this interview because quite frankly I was intimidated. I already gave up a job and had so much riding on this interview to do well that I think I psyched myself out. But as the interview went on I tried to pull it together as best I could. Once it was finished, I talked to the AA in the building and described to her my fit with the company. Next thing I knew I was out the door and onto my matinee show.

Yet again, I was waiting to hear back from the company. Well, I heard back….and I GOT THE JOB!!!! Yay!!!! All my persistence, tough decisions, and hard work really turned out for the best! I could not be more excited to move to Atlanta and start working with this company! It is great to be employed and have an idea of my future but it is by far just the beginning of my journey!


Durice White ’09: Searching for the perfect job Part 2

As time gradually went by I noticed that I had been on the job hunt for months and was quite honestly just growing frustrated and a little under the weather. I used this time to talk to people I looked up to and find out how their experience post grad compared to mine. In talking with my cousin he informed me that this was an extremely difficult time and that most recent grads never faced what this class was going to face in finding a job. That was reassuring. He told me to search and work hard but to also take some time out to enjoy the fact that I was a college graduate. So I took his advice…well, the second part! I started going out with my friends and just enjoying my time. Hey, this was the best decision I could make. It wasn’t until I took my trip back to Elon for graduation that I realized I might have been doing a little too much “relaxing.”
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Upon arrival to Elon I met up with my closest friends and we chatted on everything that was new. It seemed like most of my friends had their lives together. They either were going to graduate school or had their job lined up. WHAT?!?! I’ve been out since February and they are already set. I decided that it was time to get back on my job search and utilize the resources that I had on campus. I talked to my intern supervisor and she gave me a contact for someone in the Boston area. After enjoying my graduation, I went right to work and called that contact. Well, that did open doors! This person sent me a list of 5 people all in the field I was looking to get into. I set up informational interviews with all 5 people and took a trip to Boston.
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Meeting them was great and I learned so much about job searching, networking, and working in the event planning industry. It was a relief to hear their positive comments about my experience and a great help to get their critiques regarding my resume, cover letter, etc. This was the best thing I could do. On my second to last day in the city I received a call from a job in Atlanta that I had applied to about a month and a half ago. Instantly, I was given a phone interview and was called back the next day for a video conference interview that was located in Boston! How coincidental!

During this time I learned that persistence was key! I had to call, email and call again most of my contacts to get 10 minutes of their time. Also, I kept a binder/folder of all the jobs I applied to. This made it easier for me when I received that call to quickly find the job and the qualifications along with it.
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Durice White ’09: Searching for the perfect job

Durice White '09, photo 1I completed my graduation requirements in January 2009 (after an amazing winter term abroad in Barbados). I spent the next few months “starting” my job search. I could have never guessed how difficult that was going to be. I utilized every job search engine that was out there…CareerBuilder, Monster, Craigslist, Yahoo, etc. I instantly fell in love with The website combines every job search engine into one and you can make your search as specific or vague as possible. What’s even better is that whenever you enter into the website it automatically pulls up your most recent searches and includes any new job posts that would fit under your category. Perfect, right?

Needless to say I spent numerous hours everyday on that website…searching jobs…finding jobs…applying for jobs…waiting to hear from jobs. It started to turn into a chore and a boring one at that. At first I was so excited and thinking I was definitely next in line for a job…WRONG! I would rarely hear back from anyone. When I would call to verify that my resume and cover letter was received I would hear: “You need more experience” or “We are not hiring right now” or even better “That position is already filled…is it still up on the website?” REALLY?!?! Again…needless to say I grew very hesitant to my possibilities on getting a job.

I really started to reconsider my major and the direction I was heading. Maybe I should go to Graduate school. I questioned why I didn’t do more internships and where I was heading. But than…I received an email from this “perfect” job I found. The job included event planning, marketing, promotion, etc and it was in the sports industry. What else would an LSM major want?

So I set up my first interview. As soon as I walked into the office I was greeted by about 15 people waiting for their interview. Each and every one of them had the same interview time as me and way more experience. I pretty much felt like I should have just walked right out that door but I stayed. When I entered the interview room I was greeted by the manager and it went something like this: “Yo girl, whassup?” Excuse me? By the time I was half way into my interview I decided this wasn’t the match for me. But I did learn a valuable lesson which was to do my research on the company and never settle for a job. Now I was right back to where I started…