Andrew Youssef ‘09: Exploring his third culture Part 2

Like most TCKs, traveling back home is a lot harder than just packing up the car and getting on I-95 North. My summer travel plans were extensive, but not unusual.

Andrew Youssef '09, picture 5After graduating in May, I flew back to Houston, where I still have family, to stay there for a couple days. On June 1st I caught a flight to Dubai. My girlfriend and fellow Elon graduate, Andréa Melone (’09), came to visit which would make this trip back home more entertaining than my usual trips. I showed her around my current home town sites such as the Burj al-Arab, Palm Jumeriah, and Burj Dubai. The highlight of the trip would have to be when we took a day excursion to the bordering country of Oman to the South. The geography of Musandam, Oman is unlike most places in the Middle East, the rugged coastline is a result of the collision between the Arabian and Eurasian tectonic plates some million years ago. They call this area the Norway of the Middle East because of its fjord like scenery.

Andrew Youssef '09, picture 3On June 16th, we left Elon to return to the states. Andréa went back to her home in New Jersey while I went back to Houston. I did not stay there long though. On June 29th I look a flight from JFK to Brussels, Belgium to visit some friends at my old high school, St. John’s International School. While there I indulged in my favorite local cuisine, Greek Pitas! If you go to Brussels, go to the Grand Place and ask for directions to Pita Street, you won’t regret it.

On July 1st, I took the Eurostar train from Brussels-Midi to St. Pancras Station in London, England. One of my best friends from St. John’s was getting married to his high school sweetheart at the Elvetham Manor in the town of Fleet, 37 miles North of London. This was my first wedding and an unforgettable one at that. The Bride and Groom dressed in old English style with top hats and coat tails. The historic site and picturesque landscape will make this wedding hard to compete with.
Andrew Youssef '09, picture 4
So on July 7th I returned to the states to confront, what some may say, the disheartening question, “what am I going to do with the rest of my life?”


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