Andre Essue ‘06: Forging a new path Part 3

My number one reason for joining the Peace Corps was because it offered a unique opportunity to interact with individuals off all different cultures and backgrounds. During my nine months of service I have been able to meet people from Germany, Italy, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Australia, England, France, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Zambia, and Lesotho. These interactions are a constant reminder to me that as human beings our similarities heavily out weigh our differences.

Andre Esseu ’06, photo for entry 6 Developing relationships with Basotho is very important to me. My relationships here have created a great forum for me to ask questions about their culture, behavior, and beliefs. I have then been able to use this knowledge as a tool to help with small businesses and HIV/ AIDS education.

Being a Peace Corps volunteer has also given me the great pleasure of meeting Americans from all over the United States. I am learning so much about the unique places we each call home. This experience has motivated me to explore more of America when I return.

Andre Esseu ’06, photo for Entry 1In my opinion relationships foster growth and change within individuals. Exposure to diverse people and cultures has been the most beneficial education I have received. When you take the time to learn a little about others you begin to learn a lot about yourself.


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