Andre Essue ‘06: Forging a new path Part 2

As individuals if necessary. But groups can do it too and can do it more effectively. ~Wendell Berry

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Menkhoaneng. Menkhoaneng is a camp town located in the northern region of Lesotho. It is roughly a two hour taxi ride from my village of Ha- Majoka. Once I arrived I met with a fellow volunteer named Kristen Reed. The first thing you notice as you are traveling to Menkhoaneng is the natural beauty of Lesotho. I am always amazed by the Maluti Mountains.Andre Esseu '06, photo for entry 7

During my visit I taught a small business class to group of Basotho. The group was interested in starting a cooperative. The goal of their cooperative is to establish a village piggery in Menkhoaneng. The class went exceptionally well. All the credit for the success of the class goes to a young man named Jonnie. Jonnie is Basotho finishing his last year of high school. I was instantly impressed by his ability to translate English into Sesotho. Because of his help I was able to avoid looking and sounding like a crazy person.

Andre Esseu '06, photo for entry 8The members of the cooperative are extremely motivated. I feel confident that the piggery will be established within the next 8 months. Kristen Reed will continue working with the cooperative. And Jonnie will also be helping with the project! The whole experience was refreshing for me. It felt great to interact and work with people on a grass roots level. I hope that I will get opportunity to return to and see their progress.


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