Elizabeth VanDerwerker ’07: Gaining an international perspective Part 3

Elizabeth (on left) with friends

Elizabeth (on left) with friends

Wow! Time continues to fly.

It seems like only last week that I was nervously riding my bright orange bicycle to my first day of class in the Netherlands. Now I am completing my final assignment of the second semester here at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England. Though I have almost completed my classes, I am still very interested in remaining in England.

I am currently applying for a part-time summer position in London so I can gain some professional experience before looking for a full-time job after I complete my dissertation in late August. I have chosen to focus both my dissertation and my internship search in the field of financial communications.

Many people that I speak with about my decision are surprised by it and inevitably they ask, “Are you sure you want to enter the financial world right now? It is such a mess.” It is this “mess” that has drawn me to pursue a career in financial communications. I believe this is the best time to enter this field because of the changes that are taking place. Working in financial communications will provide a great learning opportunity for me.

So, with this plan in mind, I have begun sending my resume (or CV as it is called here) to different financial communications agencies in London. As with any similar job search, I have received a number of replies from companies thanking me for my interest but also stating that they are not currently taking interns.

Luckily, I also have received several responses inviting me to take part in the next phase of the application process. While it is too early to tell if any of these leads will turn into an internship opportunity, I remain hopeful and look forward to the life ahead of me.


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