Biance Ashton ’03: Producing her future Part 3

bianca-ashton-photo-for-entry-2I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of the whole concept of crawling before you walk. Like most young Americans, I want instant gratification. If I dream it, I want to see it materialize at rapid speed. If only things were that simple! So I’m pressing forward in class and taking advantage of every opportunity to expand learning beyond the classroom.

I’ve recently become involved with a start-up online magazine called EMPOWER, which is geared toward informing the African American community and highlighting their achievements. This venture is voluntary and is a way for me to exercise my writing skills. Though magazine writing is not my primary goal, I realize that sometimes success requires you to veer off the path to get more exposure, and often times it’s unpaid. However the reward is GREAT!!

But I didn’t stop there! Just recently, I envisioned owning my own production company. I even had the name of the company revealed to me in a dream. I immediately thought of all the work that would be involved and got extremely discouraged. I have no idea how to start a business of that magnitude! I pray continually about it and each day, I’m shown pathways to furthering my ideas and make them a reality.

You just never know how many people in your network have the skills to help you get to the next level. The first step is just being confident in your own abilities enough to share with those people, and the rest will naturally begin to take place.

My original pursuits have expanded tremendously since I walked across the stage Under the Oaks at Elon. I have developed a plan for my life that was greater than I could have ever imagined. Exposure is the key, and it’s important to take life into your own hands and remove the restraints we put on our lives.

Some of our worst enemies are our own thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, the road is uncertain and scary at times, especially when you take the unconventional route. However, I’m walking with the words of my pastor who says, “If you want uncommon results, you have to do uncommon things!”

So I’m headed to the next level, dreaming big, taking each experience along with me, and loving the journey!


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