Meet Bianca Ashton ’03: Producing her future

Bianca Ashton '03

Bianca Ashton '03

In 2004, I was blessed to land my first job in my field with a start-up cable network called TV One. I came on board as a contract worker in the Network Operations department and after five years now manage my own department! TV One offers many perks, including star-studded industry celebrations and the opportunity to share the same space with celebrities such as Russell Simmons, Beyoncé, Tisha Cambell, Kirk Franklin and many others. However, there was no greater opportunity than the chance to be on location during our live coverage of the Inauguration and the biggest celebrity to date — President Barack Obama!

I stood on the roof of the 101 Constitution Avenue office building in complete awe, just a stone’s throw from the Capitol. I was humbled not only by the pristine view but by the enormity of the occasion. I worked closely with our film crew in the frigid cold securing video packages, helping with talent and assisting the executive producer in every facet of the production.

Jan. 20th was by far my most rewarding experience at TV One. I was able to witness history and be part of broadcasting the most historic moment in our lifetime. It was a powerful day, not only for what it stood for in modern-day history but also what it stood for in my own life. I’ve always been tenacious and determined, but that day I realized how complacent I had become with taking the cards I was dealt. I graciously accepted the position at TV One as an opportunity to network and pursue my dream of being a television producer. However, my current position is outside of the creative realm and gives little time to explore what I love most.

In this year of change and in the wake of perhaps this nation’s largest dream being fulfilled, I have renewed my commitment to my dream. I’m now pursuing a master’s degree in producing films and series at American University in Washington, D.C.

I can’t lie. The road ahead is uncertain, but I choose to live a life filled with passion and purpose…and so the journey begins.


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